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Listen and learn how Aldersgate is re-shaping the present and future of retirement living in Charlotte, NC.

Aldersgate OnAir puts a voice to our name! We invite you to settle in and listen to stories about our community’s unique philosophy, intriguing stories and perspectives that make Aldersgate such a special place.

Episode 5 | Meet the Sunset Crew

In today’s OnAIR episode, we’re chatting it up with Mick and Maggie Miller, two members of a loosely knit group of Aldersgate resident cocktailers who have become known by some as “The Sunset Crew.” Though not an official club, the gang is known to host informal get-togethers by the outdoor firepit, usually around sunset and usually over, well … cocktails!

Mick and Maggie enthusiastically told us about the formation of the crew, the idea behind it, what they hope to accomplish and, of course, some of their favorite cocktails. If there’s one thing that the Sunset Crew has been successful at, it’s bringing people together to celebrate friendship and share stories. So today, we thought we’d share this really fun episode with you. Cheers!

Episode 4 | The American Dream

In this very special double episode, we’ll explore this definition of the American Dream and what it will take to make it a reality. We’re joined today by two very special guests who work tirelessly to make the world a better place: Boris Henderson, Aldersgate Chief Strategy Officer and Veronica Calderon, Aldersgate Chief Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Officer.

Boris and Veronica speak from their personal experiences of growing up in the United States and being treated differently based on the color of their skin, and they answer questions about what it will take to leave behind outdated ways of thinking and acting to come up with real-world collaborative solutions. And because the best way to solve a problem is to start with the truth, they will be speaking unedited, honestly, and from the heart.

Episode 3 | Aldersgate on Ageism

Ageism is a quiet “ism” in the United States. In reality, it  isn’t addressed as often as other “isms.” In fact, AARP research uncovered that advertising targeted at older adults is pervasively ageist and that 9 out of 10 people over 50 find advertising messages to be missing the mark.

Part of the Aldersgate mission is to call attention to ageism and help people see through the filters. And since Aldersgate’s own Maria Hagadorn and Brooks Shelly are both loud and proud about tackling this topic head-on, we asked them back on the show to discuss it. We also invited Aldersgate resident Anne Behrend to share her thoughts on ageism and the remarkable way that she is making the most of her time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 2 | COVID 19: Fact From Fiction

While the 24/7 news cycle floods us with coronavirus updates across the country and around the globe, what is often most useful is to hear how COVID-19 is affecting our local communities. There’s still so much we just don’t know – even medical professionals are looking for guidance. So while we wait for new developments, we can feel grounded by concrete examples of daily life close to home.

Today, we check in with with Aldersgate’s own Director of Health Services Brooke Hodge for a boots-on-the-ground perspective, as well as with Director of Marketing and Engagement Brooks Shelley for his inside scoop on some fun “distant socializing” activities  he has planned for the community. We also hear from Aldersgate residents Beth and Wes Argabrite about living in a community like Aldersgate during these times and how they feel the company is handling the pandemic.

Episode 1 | Welcome!

Welcome to Aldersgate OnAir! Aldersgate is a unique community that is both a place and a concept. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina on 231 acres of beautiful land, Aldersgate offers a variety of gorgeous housing options and health services for people 62 and older. Pet-friendly, natural trails and a serene lake set the stage.

Founded by the United Methodists, Aldersgate Life Plan Services is a non-profit organization that takes up the charge against ageism in the United States as well as embodies a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity with a diverse board of directors, and giving form to that by developing a brand new 62+ community, Generations, at Shalom Park in South Charlotte.

Other physical acts demonstrating their commitment include supporting a variety of minority owned businesses in Charlotte, the arts, and attracting like-minded residents who devote thousands of volunteer hours to make this world a better place, day-by-day.

We’re excited to launch our radio station with the very first guests Maria Hagadorn and Brooks Shelley. Two instrumental people who deliver on the mission every day!

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